Important Factors To Consider When Selecting A Cattle Feed Ratio

Posted by Admin on September, 25, 2023

When choosing a cow feed ratio, there are several factors to take into account. These elements include ingredients, dry matter/moisture content, crude protein, and balanced rations. It is essential to the feeding process to understand what each of these factors entails. Here are some common suggestions to think about while choosing a ration. Continue reading to discover more about the components of rations and how to choose wisely.

There are plenty of cattle feed block suppliers in India who provide quality products but one should make sure about the proportion that they give to the cattle.

Balanced rations

It can be difficult to create balanced cow-feed diets, especially in the winter. Factors including frame size, body condition, feed varieties, and air temperature can make feeding cattle challenging. Feed waste and the performance of breeding herds might result from overfeeding or underfeeding.

A computer program called Cow bytes(r) Ration Balancing software can be useful for assisting in finding the proper balance of feeds and nutrients. It determines a balanced diet using prediction equations based on the National Research Council.

The vital elements that an animal requires in the proper proportions to thrive and maintain health are found in a balanced feed diet. Energy levels in the ration should be raised during the coldest winter months. The energy component should be increased by one kg per head of cow for every five degrees Celsius of chill. The ration might also include vitamins and minerals-containing supplements. These supplements are useful in the winter since they keep the cows from being overheated or under-cold conditions.

Ingredients in a Ration

Check the TDN to determine a cow feed ration's nutritional value. This statistic represents a feedstuff's total protein, fat, and carbohydrate content. Because it gives ruminants digesting energy, fibre is crucial. Not all fibre is created equal; whereas soybean hulls are highly digestible, rice hulls are a poor source of dietary fibre. Rumen fibre supports a balanced microbial ecosystem.

Divide the proportion of fescue and shelled maize by the weight of the diet to determine the crude protein content. The ratio of the two components is often more than 3. For instance, shelled maize comprises about 42% of the diet whereas fescue makes up 58%. The nation's crude protein content is 11.4%, thus it must include at least that amount of crude protein to satisfy the animal's nutritional requirements.

Dry Matter/Moisture Content

Knowing the dry matter content of cattle feed is a crucial factor to take into account if you are a producer of dairy and meat cattle. In addition to being important to satisfy the minimal protein and energy needs of animals, it also guarantees that your cattle are receiving the right nutrition.

For routine on-farm DM determination, there are several alternatives. Your feeding program will be easier to manage if you comprehend this crucial statistic.

To assess moisture levels, a variety of techniques are available. The laboratory test is the gold standard. Moisture content often varies about 1.5 percentage points. 70% of a ration's moisture is from forage. The physical and chemical characteristics of each meal contribute to the variation in moisture content between them.

The moisture content of a meal can fluctuates quickly, despite the close relationship between the two factors. To determine the moisture content of complete mixed ration diets, a worldwide model was created. Real-time analysis of the moisture content of feed samples is done with this technique.

These are some points that one should keep in mind. Look for the best cattle feed block suppliers in India and get products from them for your use.

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